Ideal for:
Out of area clients
2 – 3 hours (1hr telephone)
Phone · Email · SMS

By popular request Jo has decided to set up a remote dog behaviour consultation option. This mode of consultation was originally tested to allow her to continue to service her client base and referring veterinary practices while she was on maternity leave.

However, it is now an option to allow her to guide dog owners who are too far afield for her to visit and who to date she has been helping via telephone and email support – with effective results.

Whilst this option should never be seen as a replacement for the full, home visit assessment, it does allow clients to discuss their problem directly with an expert and get some feedback on the situation and general advice on how to manage it at a more affordable price.

The format for the consultation will be as follows:

  • One off set fee £POA – this will involve approximately 2-3 hours of my time
  • One hour telephone conversation at a convenient time to discuss the problems in depth and information on why the problems are occurring and how to rectify them. You will be given an appointment time to call Jo once you have booked a session but this will also fit with you and Jo is happy to take calls in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Continued follow up: Detailed information will be sent via email support taking on the form of attached information documents and also bullet point/ clear instructions on how to begin improving on your relationship with your pet.
  • In serious or urgent scenarios Jo requests that you leave her a telephone message and she will call you back. However, general and in depth queries should be sent by email to ensure all correspondence is logged in detail.
After payment you will be sent an assessment form to complete which will include details regarding how to book the telephone consultation
Please note:
Jo is highly reliant on the information she is given over the telephone in order to help you out as much as possible. It is really important that this information is as detailed and factual as possible in order to achieve good results.

While every care and attention will be given to each case individually you may be advised to seek further help in the form of a home visit by an associated professional if the problem is deemed severe or potentially dangerous after the telephone consultation and initial advice. Jo will assist with this to ensure you have somebody competent at dealing with your dogs requirements and that they are armed with all the advice you have already been given. That said the advice you receive will also have the safety of you and other individuals in mind.

Please Be Aware
If your case is considered too severe to be managed remotely at the point of receipt of the assessment form a full refund will be given and a home visit behaviour consultant will be advised.