Ideal for:
All canine behaviour problems
2 – 3 hours
Your house / outside
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Behaviour problems addressed in the young to adult dog:

  • All forms of aggression
  • Excessive barking/howling
  • Chewing / destruction
  • House soiling
  • On lead problems
  • Car / travel problems
  • Off lead control
  • Jumping up
  • Boisterous or over zealous behaviour
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Nervous and dominant issues
  • Obsessive / compulsive problems
  • Demanding / attention seeking behaviour
  • Socialisation problems

Dog Behaviour TrainingOwners being dragged down the street at the end of a lead is an all too common sight – Jo Croft is fully aware of the problems associated with dog ownership and during her dog behaviour training consultation will offer clear, precise advice on exactly how to keep your pet under control. An ‘Out of Control’ dog is a dangerous dog both for themselves, and owner as well as members of the public.

The most stable balanced dog’s are those who have clear structure and routine in their lives with a good level of mental and physical stimulation.

All dog behaviour training consultations are involved and highly interactive. They take place in your home to ensure any techniques work within your environment. Jo works hard to ensure all new training techniques are achievable in your daily routine. You will be given a verbal explanation followed by a physical demonstration and then Jo will guide you through performing the necessary changes and make sure you are comfortable.

Due to the depth and detail within these canine behaviour consultations you will need to allow a period of 2-3 hours for the session.
Dog Behaviour Training Consultation2-3 hours

  • All problems treated
  • At your house
  • Full remote support

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During the consultation a thorough history will be taken and a diagnosis given as to the reason’s for your problems. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the treatment plan and exercises to work on. A report detailing what was discussed during the consultation and extra informative documents surrounding dog behaviour will follow by email or post if you prefer. The consultation is then backed up with as much phone and or email support as you require at no extra charge.

While Jo is always happy to come and re-visit to work on specific points, it is usually only necessary to deal with most behaviour problems during one visit. Although this can be a difficult concept to consider, your family friend will be open to change and you will be empowered to provide them with their new start. It should be understood that serious behavioural problems will take patience and consistency on the part of you as a dog owner to conquer but there should always be significant and immediate improvements in most cases.

This consultation includes supporting information. Please note there may be an extra fuel charge depending on your location but this can be advised prior to any booking.

IMPORTANT: Multi-dog households, serious behaviour problems and aggression case prices will be quoted on request.