Dog Behaviour TrainingDog Behaviour Trainingsolve your dog’s behaviour today – click here

Dog Training Hertfordshire

Jo comes to your home and solves your dogs problems in one visit with full support afterwards.

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Puppy Training ConsultsPuppy Training Consultsstart how you mean to go on – more info

Puppy Training Consultations

Jo will empower you with the knowledge you need to develop the best relationship with your new puppy.

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More Socialisation & TrainingMore Socialisation & Trainingjoin Jo for more tips & advice – click here

One to One Dog Behaviour Sessions

Meet Jo for socialisation, recall, learning to walk your dog offlead and much more.

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Puppy Preparation

Puppy Preparation and Arrival

Preparation is everything when you have a life as chaotic as mine. Two kids under 4, a husband, Marley and George the horse (in no particular order of favouritism!) takes serious planning to ensure all boxes are ticked and I have happy, well fed faces all around! So that’s exactly what I did when I…

Introducing a Puppy to an Older Family Dog

It’s important to consider the personality of the older dog and it’s ability to cope when introducing a puppy. Dogs are highly social animals and generally enjoy the company of other dogs. If they are well socialised and generally accept other dogs well then the introduction should be straight forward. However, if you have a…

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