I am so very grateful for the advice you have given me and have noticed a huge difference in Skye’s behaviour over the past few weeks and the routines we now have in place have made owning a dog so much more pleasurable for me and a lot less hard work. I also feel I now understand Skye a lot better and am much more control. Many thanks for all your help… read more

Susan & Skye, June 2012 Remote Dog Behaviour Consultation

Dear Jo – I wanted to say such a massive thank you for the difference your seminar has made to my life with my 4 dogs, my dog grooming business and my partner who came along too, as we are now both in sync!

The immediate awareness and insight I got into dog communication and behaviour, how much they are trying to tell us without us listening! The distinction between behaviour, inherited and non-inherited, and training, and how understanding these simple distinctions gives us such access to truly transform our relationship to our dogs and our lives. By loving them as dogs we truly set them free… read more

Jennifer White, May 2012 Dog Behaviour Seminar

It has now been 3 months since we meet Jo, and I can quite confidently say that along with Jo’s help we now have a completely different dog to the one that we had before Jo arrived. He is a much calmer, nicer, more obedient and ultimately a happy dog… and a happier dog to be around.

In our opinion, Jo has done an amazing job with Archie. For the amount of work, time and effort she has put in, the money we paid now seems like a bargain. Jo is clearly very passionate about what she does, and is very talented in what she does. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone that had a dog with behavioural issues… read more

Jemma, Rich & Archie, June 2012 Dog Behviour Consultation

Hi Jo – Just to let you know that we were really impressed with the work you did with our two Dobermanns, Alfie and Chloe.

Your skill and attention to detail is second to none and worth every penny and then some. Anyone looking for a solution to their dog problem, big or small, should not hesitate to contact you as they will not regret it…. read more

Chris & Vee, July 2012 Dog Behviour Consultation

After spending 4 hours with Jo, and digging deep into our hearts working together and being consistent, it is all about tough love. Jo reminded us that Arnie is a dog not a human being, and his needs are different to ours and despite what we say to him words don’t mean anything – actions speak louder.

Arnie is now well behaved, eats his food as he should and has good manners, all thanks to Jo – we now have the perfect little pet who fits into our home beautifully… read more

Lesley & Arnie, July 2012 Dog Behviour Consultation